Tuesday, December 20, 2016

3MMRPC - Ended December 15 - Updates and Corrections!

The latest official 3MMRPC ended December 15th, and these are my results in models painted vs acquired: net 7 added to the Mountain.

In the beginning of the challenge, my painted numbers looked good while working on commissioned models.  Frequent (if not quite weekly) posting was not far off track.  I began the challenge intending to complete the commissioned group already well underway, then use that momentum to charge up the slope of my personal Mountain.  As usual, Life cares nothing  for my intentions, especially those of any personal or hobby nature.  I am still slowly working on the last mini in the commissioned group.  While 27 minis in total were painted, they really don't count for the challenge, having just reduced someone else's unpainted pile.

In October, I got some paint and a Reaper Con Sophie mini by way of a prize for Yephima, the Reaper Bones Cloud Giant painted shortly before the challenge began.  While the mini did not count as using a Joker, it did add 1 model to the unpainted pile.  

I later burned all 3 Jokers at once for a Black Friday online sale, picking up 6 minis.  While some are intended for later painting and sale, they still count as adding to the backlog.

Net result: 1 new by win + 6 new by Jokers - 0 of my own painted = 7 added to the Mountain.

I see it this way: my personal goals were not achieved, but the spirit of the Challenge kept me honest.  It could have been much worse; it kept me from buying a bunch more Zombicide minis, for example.
Maybe next time I will do better.  Maybe these challenges are not really good for me, with so much else always going on.  Maybe it's just about timing, since Winter seems to be prime painting time, the least chaotic in general.  Time will tell, but I think for now I will avoid formal challenges.

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